MTS Recruit Conference

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Ray Galea and Phil Jensen

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Discussing ministry

A Peer Group is a small group of Delegates who work through the Bible and pray together, encouraging and challenging each other along the way as they consider their future in ministry. Peer Groups are led by either someone in Bible college or ministry, and are organised around your stage of ministry thinking into 1 of 4 ‘Strands.’

The peer group sessions allowed delegates to look deeper into the implications of full-time ministry, as well as hearing stories from people who have completed or are currently in the MTS program and getting an insight into life as a gospel worker.


Reflecting on ministry

At MTS Recruit, we want to help you think hard about your place in what God is doing around the world. To help with that, our delegates each got to chat with a mentor. That meant having a one hour online discussion with someone a bit further down the track than them – someone who is currently serving in, or training for vocational ministry.

The mentoring sessions were a chance for delegates to reflect on what they’ve been learning about gospel ministry, think about how they are living now, and ask questions about what an MTS Apprenticeship might actually look like.

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