Unfit for Service?

Wrestling with our weakness and God's power in Gospel Ministry.

Friday to Sunday
1-3 October 2021

Unfit for Service?

Wrestling with our weakness and God's power in Gospel Ministry.

Friday to Sunday
1-3 October 2021

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An online Conference, For a Global Movement.


Stream MTS Recruit right into your living room with our tailored and customisable online experience.


Join a global movement of Christians who are committed to seeing Gospel Workers raised up across the globe.

1 conference,
3 life-changing experiences


Fri-sun · 7:30-9pm

Be challenged by God’s word daily through faithful teaching, as we consider our weakness and God’s power in gospel ministry.

One-to-one Mentoring

Throughout Conference

Be guided through your thinking about ministry with a Christian currently training for or serving in full-time gospel work.

DIY Conference resources


Customise your conference experience with access to registrant only bonus material; Peer Group Booklets, Elective Videos, Live Q&A and more!



Greg Lee became a Christian in late high school, but only started going to church during university because of a girl named Emma.

They’ve since gotten married and had four kids. Greg started ministry as an MTS apprentice in 1994, and since 2000 he has been involved in training over 70 apprentices as the Senior Pastor at Hunter Bible Church.


MTS Recruit has partnered with other ministry organisations all over the world who share our commitment to seeing the next generation of gospel workers raised up.

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MTS Recruit is a conference aiming to raise up the next generation of Gospel Workers in Australia and across the globe.

We do this by seeking to inspire Delegates to take their next step in serving Jesus with their whole lives and to consider undertaking a ministry apprenticeship for training.

We are wholly driven by God’s Word, committed to praying for more workers for God’s harvest field (Matthew 9:35-38) and equipping them to become disciple-makers (2 Timothy 2:2).

Jesus said to his disciples, “The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field.” Matthew 9:37-38

MTS seeks to multiply gospel workers through ministry apprenticeships. We aim to help local churches and ministries identify and train gifted individuals before helping them to decide on the next step in their ministry. We want every Christian to:

  • Be trained to be the best servants of Christ they can be through ministry apprenticeship
  • Continually grow in the knowledge and service of God
  • Train other ministry apprentices.

To read more about what MTS believes please read our Convictions Statement or check out our website at www.mts.com.au

MTS Recruit is for anyone who follows Jesus and is considering serving him with their whole lives.

Whether you are about to start full-time ministry or if you have never really considered it, we will meet you where you are at and help you think through your next steps.

There are three main categories of people who attend MTS Recruit:

  • Delegates: Individuals who are at different stages of thinking when it comes to serving Jesus in full-time ministry.
  • Apprentices: People who are currently undertaking a ministry apprenticeship either through MTS or a similar organisation.
  • Trainers: Pastors, Ministry Leaders and Bible College Students who are able to Mentor several Delegates each throughout the conference to help them consider their next step in serving Jesus. 

MTS Recruit Partners are Christian businesses, organisations and ministries who are committed to seeing Gospel Workers raised up in Australia and across the world. They are doing this in unique ways throughout their various spheres of influence, but are also actively involved in promoting the growth of MTS Recruit through specific and various ways. 

Each Partner affirms the MTS vision and is aware of the MTS Convictions Statement.

Interested in becoming an MTS Recruit Partner? Email events@mts.com.au

Registrations closed on October 3rd 2021.

However, you can still experience MTS Recruit by registering to host a Private Local Conference Gathering before November 30th.

We’ve done this for a few reasons.

Firstly, it is pretty complicated to work out a relative price for different currencies and economies ($20AUD is very different to K32,000).

Yet, the key reason is because we want our Australian attendees to help facilitate this conference to become a global one. We believe that no one should be prevented from being equipped to serve Jesus, so we are asking Aussies to consider seeing their ticket purchase as an investment.

Your purchase allows a brother or sister in Christ from another part of the globe, to become better prepared for a lifetime of ministry.

If price is an issue for you, please contact us at events@mts.com.au

As a Conference, MTS Recruit will not be run in a single location but will be experienced in live locations across the globe – we call these ‘Local Conference Gatherings’. This is because MTS Recruit is a global movement of Gospel Workers who are committed to raising up more Gospel Workers in their own regions. 

There are two types of Local Conference Gatherings: Public and Private.

  • Public: A Public Local Conference Gathering is a conference venue, church or campus that is committed to hosting locals from across their region to experience MTS Recruit from the 1st – 3rd October 2021. They will stream the morning and evening Global Sessions each day, but will also have their own onsite Peer Groups and Mentoring Discussions. These sites will be publicly available for attendees to choose from during their registration. However, these are only running internationally in 2021, as ever-changing COVID regulations across Australia have meant the closure of all Public LCGs.
  • Private: A Private Local Conference Gathering is a venue or residence that is committed to inviting guests to experience MTS Recruit in a more private environment. Each Private Host will receive a Conference Resource Kit after a one-time payment starting from $100, which will allow them to interact with various elements of the Program at their own pace, and at dates and times of their own choosing. These private venues will not be made available for public registration, but the Host will use their own means to invite attendees to join them.

A Delegate is a person who is considering pursuing full-time ministry, but is currently in a stage of life where they are neither pursuing or working in a ministry related field. Upon registering for MTS Recruit, Delegates are asked to select 1 of 4 strands that best describes their current stage of thinking around full-time ministry: 

  1. I haven’t really considered full-time ministry
  2. I have considered full-time ministry but have no definite plans
  3. I will pursue full-time ministry, but likely not in the next year
  4. I am planning to do a Ministry Apprenticeship in 2022

At MTS Recruit, Delegates will receive one-on-one Mentoring with an experienced Ministry Worker. This is a time designed to help guide Delegates through whatever questions they have about ministry and their potential next steps.

Mentors are people who are either training for or currently serving in full-time ministry, and are committed to meeting one on one with a Delegate to help guide them in their thinking about ministry.

Mentors will meet with 2-4 Delegates across the Conference for about an hour each, either onsite at a Local Conference Gathering or online. 

Each Mentor must attend online training and agree to the MTS Convictions Statement prior to leading.

Traditionally, Peer Groups would be a time for a small group of Delegates to be led though biblical material to help them in their decision making. However, in 2021 we are making this a part of our DIY Conference Resources, meaning it is up to you and your church or campus whether you would like to explore these materials.

You will be given access to all four Peer Group Strand Booklets, with the option to go through the one most relevant to your stage of ministry thinking individually, or together with your peers online.

Peer Groups are organised around 4 stages of ministry thinking:

  1. People who haven’t really considered full-time ministry
  2. People who have considered full-time ministry but have no definite plans
  3. People who will pursue full-time ministry, but likely not in the next year
  4. People planning to do a Ministry Apprenticeship in 2022
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