Code of Conduct

Mentors and Peer Group Leaders

This code of conduct outlines the expected behaviour of those appointed to be Mentors at MTS recruiting conferences. 

The purpose of the one-on-one Mentoring conversations (either online or in person) is to help a delegate move forward in having their whole lives transformed by and lived under the Lordship of Jesus, in light of the urgency and priority of gospel proclamation, and consider a ministry apprenticeship for training.

Therefore it is important that Mentors understand the potential power imbalance of the conversation, and seek to appropriately encourage delegates to apply biblical principles to their unique circumstances.

As an appointed Mentor at an MTS recruiting conference, I will;

  • Read the MTS Mentoring Brief document and attend a short Mentoring training run by MTS
  • Prayerfully prepare for my Mentoring conversation.
  • Try and meet face to face it at all possible with my mentoree
  • Seek to listen and understand the delegate’s circumstances, maturity, and christian convictions.
  • Humbly apply gospel principles to the delegate’s current thinking about ministry, and will encourage them to consider the best thing for the gospel (rather than my own agenda for them).
  • Encourage delegates to pursue a ministry apprenticeship style training if they are serious about going into vocational gospel ministry.

In my mentoring conversations, I will treat the delegate with respect. This means;

  • I will be mindful of the power imbalance that exists and not use abuse, coercion, manipulation or deceit in any way.
  • I will keep the details of my mentoring conversation confidential by not gossiping about the delegate. 
  • However, I will not promise to keep the conversation secret if there is an important reason to speak with someone else about what was discussed (e.g. a mandatory reporting issue).

I am willing to be held accountable for my behaviour and dealings as a Mentor.