Gospel Expo

Welcome to our Gospel Expo Library. In these videos you can meet a range of people in gospel leadership. Hear about the ministry they are currently doing and how they came to make that decision.

Evangelism Ministry with Sam Chan

Sam’s ‘Asian-dream’ story is being rewritten into God’s bigger story of making Jesus known in the world.

Scripture in Schools with John Delezio

John’s a mature-age recruit through MTS into gospel work… it’s never too late.

Gospel Work with Jo Clark

Jo’s commitment to gospel work was influenced by the ‘baton-pass’ of her ministry trainer.

Church Ministry with Russell Smidt

Russell’s apprenticeship gave him a ministry framework and gospel conviction that prepared him for theological college and into a lifetime of gospel work.

University Ministry with Kitty Chan

Kitty is no longer a pathologist of speaking, but a life-giver of speaking about Jesus on University campuses.

Evangelism Ministry with Elliot Temple

Elliot’s adventurous story is filled with chapters of God’s work to equip him as an evangelist… and Elliot has an ambitious vision for seeing more evangelists mobilised in the world.

Aged Care Ministry with Pip Russell

Pip’s gentle story of warmly making Jesus known among the elderly in times of trial and suffering.

Theological Education with Dan Wu

Dan’s approach to a lifetime of gospel work was grounded by his ministry apprenticeship experience and the ‘wounds of friends’.

Church Planting with Paul Sheely

Paul’s lifetime of church pastoring, planting and training apprentices is stirred by the exhilaration of partnersing with God in gospel work.

Defence Ministry with James Leitch

James is a career Defence-guy and God opened doors for him to do a ministry apprenticeship in Defence Ministry and now serve fulltime.

Being A Spouse of a Ministry Worker with Jan Martin

Jan’s diverse story of gospel work alongside her husband was kickstarted by an apprenticeschip in the 80s… and together they are now Church Planting in a farmhouse.

Being A Spouse of a Ministry Worker with Bon McFarlane

Bonita’s story highlights the joy and cost of serving fulltime in gospel work.

Church Ministry with Marcus Reeves

Marcus’ story is a story of God’s kindness and patience to reform a ‘charismatic-young-punk’ through a ministry apprenticeship.

Theological Education with Elliot Ku

Elliott is a Pastor and Theological Educator… and keeps giving time to being a front-row MTS trainer because of what God is doing in the world.

Church Ministry with Jess Sheely

Jess never expected to be a City Church Pastor… but through an MTS apprenticeship God taught her there is nothing more important than making Jesus known everywhere.

Theological Education with Jane Tooher

Jane did not end up in a ministry apprenticeship because she had an immediate love of ministry… but through God’s work and the patient encouragement of her pastor.

Cross Cultural Ministry with Matt Pearson

Matt’s serving God in ‘David Attenborough-scenery’ because a ministry apprenticeship gave him a vision, partnership network and personal affirmation for gospel work.

City Business Ministry with David Pitt

Dave caught the ministry ‘bug’ at university… and through an apprenticeship was infected for a lifetime of gospel work among City Business Workers

City Church Ministry with Dominic Steele

Dominic’s story of becoming a Christian, doing a ministry apprenticeship and being a City Church Pastor is written under the heading ‘Jesus is Lord’

School Chaplaincy with Pete Tong

Pete has been steered by God through many training opportunities to now take up the challenege of the Great Commission in Schhol Chaplaincy 

School Chaplaincy with Emma Pfahlert

Emma is captivated by God’s equipping of her for the diverse opportunities of School Chaplaincy… in evangelism and training of young women

Digital Chaplaincy with Christine Jolly

Christine is equipped by God for utilising social media for making connections and Jesus known… Digital Chaplaincy is a thing

Rural Church Ministry with Suellen Milham

Suellen is serving God in a Rural Church ministry team… pastoring, discipling and training women for life and godliness

Church Ministry with Nathan Walter

Wal was recruited into a lifetime of gospel work by intentional ministry training… and it is why he champions MTS as a Senior Pastor

Bible Translation with Ross & Lyndal Webb

Ross and Lyndal’s exciting Bible Translation story was started by a ‘push’ into a ministry apprenticeship… before MTS even existed

Cross Cultural Ministry with Kellie Nicholas

Kellie was transformed by her apprenticehsip with MTS to be an ordinary person doing ‘extraordinary’ ministry in Cross Cultural Ministry

Don’t do what I did with Antony Dandato