Local Conference Gatherings

MTS Recruit will be made up of hundreds of local gatherings all over the world. Each Local Conference Gathering will connect people from your local area to participate in our global sessions, Peer Groups and Mentoring Discussions.

What will a Local Conference Gathering look like?

Local Conference Gatherings are groups of people from your local area meeting together in churches, campuses and homes, who are each considering the call to take up their cross and follow Jesus in pursuing full-time Gospel Work.

Each Local Conference Gathering will be a place to watch our morning and evening Global Sessions, with MTS Recruit providing the necessary content and suggested Program for the Conference. However, each Local Conference Gathering will take on its own unique flavour with some choosing to run components of the Conference face-to-face, while others will stick to running their Peer Group Sessions online. 

You’ll be able to choose a Local Conference Gathering once you have registered for MTS Recruit.

To participate in a site near you, MTS will be required to share necessary details of your registration with your Host so they are aware of who is joining them at their site.

Your venue is not required to cater meals during the Conference, so please decide prior to joining your Local Conference Gathering how you will prepare for this. However, some venues may decide to do group catering (which they will inform you upon your arrival), so please bring additional payments methods if this is the case.

We strongly encourage you to participate in a Local Conference Gathering, as it really is the best way to take part in MTS Recruit. If there isn’t a site near you, we’d love for you and your ministry to consider hosting one.

Will you host a Local Conference Gathering?

If you would like to offer your church / home / business to host a Local Conference Gathering, please click below and fill in the form.

What Help Does a Host Receive?

We understand that Hosting a Local Conference Gathering may sound a little daunting, so we’ve created everything you need to prepare, run and execute an excellent Host Site for MTS Recruit.

Check out our Host Information Hub for Event Checklists, Signage, COVID Compliance and much more!

What does a Local Conference Gathering Host need to do?

Host a face to face gathering for the following kinds of people in your local area:

  • People pondering a ministry apprenticeship (MTS)
  • Existing Ministry Apprentices (MTS’ers)
  • College Students
  • Pastors (MTS Trainers and those wanting to be)

A church building, business or home that enables people to gather for the different elements of the timetable (Timetable is in appendix).

The most important thing you need to provide is a place to watch the “all in” sessions.

There are three main types of gathering during MTS Recruit:

  1. Global Sessions – livestreamed talks featuring:
    1. Ray Galea in the evenings: 7:30-9:00pm Friday, Saturday and Sunday
    2. Phillip Jensen in the mornings: 10-11am Saturday & Sunday
  2. Peer Groups (11:30-1:00pm Sat & Sun)
    1. Each attendee will need their own devices to join their online Peer Groups
    2. If you have advised us that you are wanting to run your own Peer Groups on site, you will need 4 separate areas for them to meet
  3. 1 to 1 Mentoring (Afternoon Saturday & Sunday)
    1. Each Mentee will need their own device to join their online Mentoring Discussion, unless a face-to-face meeting has been arranged by their Mentor

Provide the following equipment so that the online elements of the conference can be watched together:

  • Big screen
  • Reliable internet connection
  • Good clear audio

It’d be helpful if you provided people with the venue’s Wi-Fi password.

Host the event in accordance with local Covid-19 guidelines.

We would be grateful if you could set up a tea, coffee and water station just to make sure people stay hydrated. A hot beverage always makes conversation flow better too.

Provide clear signage for those visiting your venue for the first time:

  • Print signage that directs people to car parking, to the sign in area, informs them of the Program and general COVID Compliance
  • Note: You can find all of this in the Host Information Hub

What does a Host NOT need to do?

We do NOT need you to do the following:

  • Registration of Attendees (this will be done prior online)
  • Handling Money or any other Payments
    • Attendees will register & pay online prior
    • Registration is only:
      $20 for those attending in Australia
      $0 FREE for those outside Australia
  • Lunch and Dinner Catering
    You do NOT have to provide their main meals.
    They will have time to go out (or order in) lunch and dinner.
  • Solving all the Attendees Problems
    99% of people attending this conference are Christian leaders wanting to become Gospel Workers. They are mature adults. They will be able to solve any minor problems they have themselves.

FAQs (Frequently asked questions)

Yes. By all means. Great idea. In fact we would encourage you to do so.

Your Local Conference Gathering will be advertised Nation-Wide in order for all our Registrants to locate their nearest Local Conference Gathering. Based on the numbers you indicate when you Register to Host a Local Conference Gathering, we will try to ensure that the correct number of participants attend your Local Conference Gathering.

We understand that due to weekly Church Services, some Hosts may not be able to provide a venue for the entirety of MTS Recruit (2-4th Oct).

If this is you and you need to alter the MTS Recruit Program, then please consider these options:

  • I have a Sunday Morning Service: Consider moving Global Session #4 to 2pm
  • I have a Sunday Morning & Evening Service: The 7:30pm time for Global Session #5 is likely not to interfere with the running of most Evening Services
  • My Church Building is Occupied: Move your Local Conference Gathering location during the times that your Church Building is occupied to hall or room nearby

If changing the MTS Recruit program is not available to you and you are leaning towards cancelling elements of the Program entirely, then we may not be able to advertise your Local Conference Gathering publicly. 

This is due to the fact that we don’t want any of our Delegates to miss out on experiencing the full program of MTS Recruit. Therefore, we are only advertising Host Sites that can accomodate the full Program for our Delegates.

You will be able to Host a Local Conference Gathering on a different weekend. The Global Session videos will be available to view after MTS Recruit has concluded. However if you choose to change the dates, then we will advertise your Local Conference Gathering after October 4th.

Please note that by changing the dates, your MTS Recruit Program will also look slightly different:

  • You will have Global Sessions (Morning & Evening)
  • You will have Online one-to-one Mentor Discussions
  • You won’t have Online Peer Groups (unless you specifically request help from MTS)

However, if you would like to have face-to-face Peer Groups at your Local Conference Gathering, then we will provide you with the necessary training materials to do so. Your responsibilities would then include both providing and training the Leaders to run these Peer Groups.

MTS Recruit has been designed so that it works well whether restrictions increase or decrease.

Even if Local Conference Gatherings were no longer able to run, every Delegate would still be able to access every element of the MTS Recruit Program online in the safety of their own home. This is why all Delegates, even those attending a Local Conference Gathering, are allocated an online Peer Group and Mentor. 

For those Local Conference Gathering Hosts that have contacted us to run their own face-to-face Peer Groups and Mentoring Discussions, we ask that you consider a Plan B to convert these groups into online formats, should a COVID lockdown happen in your area.

Once you have Registered to become a Host, we will send you to our Host Information Hub which includes:

  • Event Checklist
  • Event Signage
  • COVID Compliance Tool Kit
  • Digital Booklet & Program
  • Promotional Resources

Yes, but please email us to let us know!

This is important because we will automatically be assigning each Delegate an online Mentor and Peer Group Leader, even if they are attending a Local Conference Gathering.

This is due to the fact that each Local Conference Gathering Host has different capabilities and capacities in providing their own Leaders, as well the reality that evolving COVID regulations could make face-to-face gatherings impossible.

Please note that if COVID regulations were to tighten, you would have to ensure these face-to-face groups were converted into online formats.