Host a Local Conference Gathering

open your doors for the next generation

We’re praying for hundreds of Local Conference Gatherings (LCGs) all around Australia and the world. So we want to make it easy to host an LCG wherever you are, and make it as great as possible.

When you register as a Host, we’ll give you access to all the elements of the MTS Recruit 2022 Conference. The Bible talks, the peer-group materials, the mentoring materials, and access to manage all the attendees and peer-groups from your own online Hosts Portal.

You can use as much or as little of the provided resources as you want. If you want to get people together and watch the conference LIVE online – you can do that. If you want to just use the materials and the resources and run your own sessions, you can do that.

We’ll put your LCG on the map and people will be able to register through this site for your LCG. You tell us how much to charge people, we add on $20 for our overheads, and it’s as simple as that.

Fill in the form below and we’ll get in contact to help you raise up the next generation of gospel workers with MTS Recruit.

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The standard start date for 2022 is 30 Sept. If you can't run the conference from this date, please enter your potential alternative plans.
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The standard end date for 2022 is 2 Oct. If you're not able to run the conference to this date, please enter your potential alternative plans.

Public or Private LCG?

While we strongly encourage LCGs to run publicly (i.e. open to anyone within their region) some LCGs may be permitted to run privately for various reasons.

Private LCGs are hidden from the map and can only be joined with the URL directly, but are still managed through the MTS Recruit website like Public LCGs.

Reason for hosting a private conference site
How many attendees (roughly) are you expecting to host?

LCG Description
Include what will be available to attendees, such as meals, accommodation, onsite parking etc.

Create your ticket types

What ticket options do you want to give people coming to your conference site? These could be different options for people staying overnight, or for different days, etc. Please ensure your ticket prices cover the costs of your site, food and other resources you want to make available.

Australian LCGs: Please note that MTS Recruit will add $20 on top of your ticket price to cover the costs of running the conference, providing the website tools, resources and materials.

International LCGs: Please note that MTS Recruit can not process ticket payments for international LCGs. You can create multiple ticket types, however they will all be reset to $0 for registration. Please manage your own ticket prices in-house. We apologise for any inconvenience.

Ticket Types:

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When attendees register for your LCG, their payment goes directly to MTS Recruit. At the conclusion of the conference we will pay these funds into your nominated account. We need your account details so we can make sure the money gets to you.

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