St John’s Blackburn


Venue Details

Venue Type: Church
Venue Capacity: 96
Closest Public Transport: Blackburn Station – 5 mins walk
Follows Custom Program (details below)
Catering: Yes (details below)
Accommodation: No

Venue Checklist

Tea/Coffee Facilities
Kitchen Access
Reliable Wi-Fi
Good & Clear Audio
Onsite Parking
Street Parking


This LCG follows a custom program. Here are the new session times.

Global Session 1 (1.5hrs)

Friday 7:30pm AEST

Global Session 2 (1.5hrs)

Saturday 9:30am AEST

Peer Groups 1 (1.5hrs)

Saturday 11:30am AEST

Peer Groups 2 (1hr)

Saturday 2:00pm AEST

Mentoring Discussions 1 (2hrs)

Saturday 3:00pm AEST

Electives 1 (2hrs)

Saturday 3:00pm AEST

Global Session 3 (1.5hrs)

Saturday 7:30pm AEST

Global Session 4 (1.5hrs)

Sunday 2:30pm AEDT

Peer Groups 3 (1.5hrs)

Sunday 12:00pm AEDT

Mentoring Discussions 2 (3hrs)

Sunday 4:00pm AEDT

Electives 2 (3hrs)

Sunday 4:00pm AEDT

Global Session 5 (1.5hrs)

Sunday 7:30pm AEDT


Meals Provided




Morning Tea
Afternoon Tea


Afternoon Tea

Dietary Options

Dairy Free
Gluten Free
Nut Free
Lactose Free
Egg Free
Shellfish Free

This LCG is no longer available to attend.

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Katoomba Local Conference Gathering has been cancelled.

Due to the uncertainty surrounding the ever-changing COVID-19 pandemic both globally and across Greater Sydney, our MTS Recruit Committee has had to make the difficult decision to no longer host MTS Recruit at Katoomba Convention Centre (KCC).

Since you were registered to attend at KCC, we have refunded your registration. The refund should be processed within the next few days if it isn’t already.

If you would still like to attend MTS Recruit, you can choose to transfer to another LCG, otherwise you can cancel your registration.

Please choose one of the options below.

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