Local Conference Gathering Info Kit

What does a Local Conference Gathering (LCG) Host need to do?

Host Local People:

Host a face to face gathering for the following kinds of people in your local area:

  • People pondering a ministry apprenticeship (MTS)
  • Existing Ministry Apprentices (MTS’ers)
  • College Students
  • Pastors (MTS Trainers and those wanting to be).

Provide a Venue:

A church building or church hall or otherwise that enables people to gather for the different elements of the timetable (Timetable is in appendix).

The most important thing you need to provide is a place to watch the “all in” sessions.

There are three main types of gathering during MTS Recruit:

  1. Global Gatherings – livestreamed plenary sessions featuring:
    1. Ray Galea in the evenings:
      1. 7:30-9:00pm Friday, Saturday and Sunday
    1. Phillip Jensen in the mornings: 10-11am Saturday & Sunday
  2. Peer Groups Sessions (11:30-1:00pm Sat & Sun)
    1. If you are not running your own F2F peer groups on site, then attendees will use their own phone or pc to will join them online themselves.
    1. If you are running your own Peer Groups locally,  face to face, you’ll need 4 separate areas for them to meet
  3. 1 to 1 Mentoring Discussions (Afternoon Saturday & Sunday)
    1. People may access these online or in a corner of the room or offsite.

AV Set Up:

Provide the following equipment so that the online elements of the conference can be watched together:

  • Big screen
  • Reliable internet connection
  • Good clear audio


It’d be helpful if you provided people with the venue’s WiFi password.

Covid-19 Compliance:

Host the event in accordance with local Covid-19 guidelines.

Free Tea, Coffee & Water Station:

We’d be grateful if you could set up a tea, coffee and water station just to make sure people stay hydrated. A hot beverage always makes conversation flow better too.


Provide clear signage for those visiting your venue for the first time.:

  • Signage that directs people to car parking
  • Signage that directs people from the carpark to the part of your site that is hosting the “MTS Recruit” Local Conference Gathering (LCG)

What does a Local Conference Gathering Host NOT need to do?

We do NOT need you to do the following:

  • Registration of attendees (this will be done prior online)
  • Handling Money or any other payments
    • Attendees will register & pay online prior
    • Registration is only:
      $20 for those attending in Australia
      $0 FREE for those outside Oz.
  • Lunch and Dinner Catering
    You do NOT have to provide their main meals.
    They will have time to go out (or order in) lunch and dinner.
  • Solving all the attendees problems
    99% of people attending this conference are Christian leaders wanting to become Gospel Workers. They are mature adults. They will be able to solve any minor problems they have themselves.

Is Support Provided to you as a LCG Host?

Yes! The following support is provided:

  • Information
    We’ll be providing more information here soon.
  • Signage:
    We’ll provide you some signage you can print out for your LCG.

FAQs (Frequently asked questions)

Q: I am the senior minister of the church. Can I delegate the logistic functions of being a host to one of my key lay people so that I am freed up to join in the session with my future leaders?

Answer: Yes. By all means. Great idea. In fact I’d encourage you to do so.

Q: How many people will come to my LCG? I am worried that we’ll have more than my building allows under the Covid-19 guidelines

Answer: It really helps us if you register to be a host and tell us how many people you can have onsite. We will be in close communication closer to the event. We can then allocate the right amount of people to you. Or organise another LCG nearby to cater for the demand.