Changes to MTS Recruit

September 1, 2021

MTS Recruit is a hugely valuable conference for delegates, trainers, the MTS movement, and the greater cause of raising up gospel workers. We’re really looking forward to the conference, and seeing how God works to motivate and inspire delegates to consider vocational ministry.

But as we all know, the situation in Australia right now makes running and attending conferences challenging. While we have access to many wonderful online resources and platforms that enable us to connect with one another amidst lockdown and social distancing restrictions, the reality is that quite a lot of people are “zoomed-out”. Online meetings and conferences are becoming draining. And lots of people are just generally weary after months of isolation and worrying news cycles.

We still want to challenge people to consider gospel work and raise up the next generation of harvest workers, but we also want to love people well in this season.

We have therefore decided to make some significant changes to this year’s MTS Recruit conference to make it the best possible experience for all attendees.

Here’s what’s happening.

Rather than running centrally organised online Peer Groups, we’re handing over all the Peer Group resources to attendees so that they can choose for themselves (or in groups) how to utilise this material to engage with God’s word. So, the strand booklets will be available online to all, alongside a number of other fantastic resources.

What other resources will be there? Well, firstly, we’ve got elective sessions (pre-recorded) covering key topics you should consider as part of making decisions about ministry including areas such as family and money, and gospel expo videos showcasing a variety of ministry destinations you could consider following an apprenticeship.

We’re also removing two Global Sessions from the program, so instead of hearing from Pete Sorrenson in the mornings of MTS Recruit, Pete’s excellent Bible talks will also be added to the suite of resources available for you to choose from.

So there’s going be tons of great resources online… and fewer scheduled, centralised sessions. And that means you can really choose how you do MTS Recruit! 

If you just can’t stand the thought of another online meeting, we totally get it. You’re free to interact with all the resources on your own time, in your own way. Maybe you phone a friend to chat through the strand materials, or (if you’re allowed in your location) go for a walk with a mate to discuss an elective session you’ve both watched earlier. Maybe you simply take the materials and read or watch them alone in a comfy spot in your home, praying through them with a cup of tea and some quiet music playing in the background.

Or if you’ve got the bandwidth, maybe you’d like to be in a more traditional Peer Group, so you join with others from your church or group in Zoom calls (or in person, COVID-restrictions permitting) as planned, and use the strand materials to guide your group discussions! That’s totally up to you.

It’s a choose your own adventure, DIY conference – designed to help you engage in whatever way suits you best in these challenging times. 

There are TWO components we would still love to see everyone participating in.

Please do join us for the remaining three Global Sessions (Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings from 7:30pm-9pm). Greg Lee will be speaking on the important topic of weakness in ministry, and you’ll get to be encouraged by stories and reflections from the MTS movement around the world. Setting aside these three 90-minutes blocks will definitely help you get the most out of all the other resources as you use those how and when you want.

And for delegates who are registered by 11:59pm September 28th, we will still be matching you up for Mentoring Sessions across the weekend, allowing you to receive personal advice and encouragement from experienced Christian leaders, helping you to consider your ministry journey. Your Mentor will be in touch to arrange a suitable time for these discussions.

So all up, we’ve got three components to MTS Recruit:

  1. Global Sessions – 7:30pm-9pm each evening
  2. Mentoring Sessions – flexible times arranged between mentors and delegates
  3. DIY Conference Resources – use them when and how you want

THANK YOU for praying for MTS Recruit. Planning a major event during a pandemic is definitely a challenge, but we hope the choices that we have made will serve the movement well during this difficult season. No matter what, the harvest still needs more workers and we are committed to challenging delegates regularly with this need.

For those already registered for MTS Recruit: keep an eye on your inbox for further details. And if you’d like to register now to start your DIY MTS Recruit experience and lock in your mentoring sessions, click the Register button below.