Strand 1 Material

Welcome to MTS Recruit Peer Groups! Peer Groups are meant to give you the chance to meet with other people who are at the same stage of thinking and discuss, “What will it look like for me to serve God with the rest of my life?”

During this time you’ll be led by an experienced Ministry Worker and MTS Apprentice to discuss the Bible, challenges from our All-in Session speaker, and to consider what your Apprenticeship might look like next year and how to prepare for it. 

Session One: What is Gospel Ministry?

  1. Meeting Your Group 

To get started, go around the group and share what ministries you are currently involved in, and what is one good thing and one challenging thing about them? 


Pray for your time together. 


  1. Looking at God’s Word: What is Gospel Ministry? 


  1. Write down a 10 word definition of ‘gospel ministry’ and then share it with each other.


  1. Read Mark 10:32-45 out slowly as a group, then take a few minutes to individually make note of:

What surprises you


Repeated words


Key themes 


Share what you found with each other.


  1. How do verses 32-34 set the context for what follows?


  1. Look at James and John’s request (verse 37) and the ten’s indignation (verse 41). What does this reveal about their hearts and their understanding of their roles? (Or their ‘view of ministry,’ as we might say today?)


  1. From the passage, can you see what is to motivate us to this life of ministry as a servant?


C. Putting It All Together 

  1. Jesus presents an upside-down concept of leadership, where ‘great’ Christian leaders are to be servants and slaves of all (verses 43-44). Working together in pairs as you consider your Ministry Apprenticeship, share with each other:


  1. One temptation you might have to be ‘great’


  1. One opportunity you might have to serve


  1. What (if any) changes would you make to your earlier 10 word definition of ‘gospel ministry’ in consideration of what we have seen in Mark 10?


D. Prayer

Break up into small groups and, reflecting on Mark 10, pray for servant hearts and that Christ would be glorified in your Apprenticeships next year.  



Session Two: Who is a Gospel Minister? 

  1. Reflection

From what you’ve heard from God’s Word so far at MTS Recruit, can you share one thing that has been encouraging to you? 

Pray for your time together. 


  1. Looking at God’s Word: Who is a Gospel Minister? 


  1. Read 1 Peter 5:1-11. What are your initial comments, questions, reflections and things that stood out? 


  1. What parts of the job of ‘Shepherd’ are a model for Christian leadership?


  1. In verses 5-6, young people are told to be submissive and humble. What does this mean and not mean for you when you are a Ministry Apprentice next year?


  1. How might the threats in verses 8-9 show themselves during your Ministry Apprenticeship?


  1. How might verses 10-11 apply to your Ministry Apprenticeship next year?


  1. In verses 1-3, Peter identifies six specific behaviours – three negative and three positive (outlined below). What could these look like for you during your Ministry Apprenticeship?  

Break up into smaller groups and share your answers with each other

  1. Not because you must (bad):
    What might serving under compulsion look like?


  1. But because you are willing (good):
    What might serving willingly look like?


  1. Not pursuing dishonest gain (bad):
    What sorts of dishonest gain might tempt you?


  1. But eager to serve (good):
    What would a servant-heart make you do?


  1. Not lording it over those entrusted to you (bad):
    How might you abuse your authority?


  1. But being examples to the flock (good):
    How can you be a good example? 


  1. Putting It All Together  

From the passage, summarise in 10 words or less what it means to be a Christian leader, then share your sentence with the group.

  1. Prayer

Pray in small groups, asking God to change you and each other, so you can begin to reflect the leadership model shown in 1 Peter 5:1-11.

Session Three: Working with Others in Ministry.

  1. Reflection

From what you’ve heard from God’s Word so far at MTS Recruit, can you share one thing that has been particularly challenging to you? 

Pray for your time together. 



  1. Looking at God’s Word: Working with Others in Ministry 


The Bible doesn’t say anything about being on a ‘paid ministry team’ as we think of it. This is because there is an assumption that if you are a follower of Christ, you are in ministry and on a mission with all other Christians, whether you are financially supported by others or not.  This study will look at some things the Bible says about how we should treat the people we are in ministry with, whether they are a part of your “paid ministry team” or volunteers in your church.



  1. Break up into small groups and take one section each, writing down what you think it says about working with others in ministry.


  1. 1 Cor 12:12-27 & Phil 2 :1-4


  1. Rom 12:1-16 & Phil 2:19-24


  1. Phil 1:1-11 & Eph 4:11-14


Share your thoughts with the whole group.



  1. Watch the video: Working with your Trainer by Dave Moore (7 min) 


  1. Share one thing you found helpful in the video in preparing to work with your trainer next year.


  1. Putting It All Together 

In the same small groups as before, summarise what you have learned about working with others in ministry in 3 different ‘attitude words’. Each individual word should express a different attitude you need to work on if you are in ministry with others. Then write down a possible situation in ministry where you will need to have this attitude.



When might you need to have this attitude?









Each group will share what you wrote with the whole group.



D. Prayer 


Break up into small groups. Reflecting on what you have learned about working with others in ministry, pray that each of your hearts will grow in these attitudes.