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Global Session#1LIVERay Galea | PhilippiansFriday19.30 – 21.00
Peer Groups#1LIVEGather with others thinking through ministrySaturday13.00 – 14:30

Jesus said “Ask the Lord of the harvest to send out harvest workers”

We believe in Jesus’ mission strategy. He entrusted his word to faithful men and women who were sent out to proclaim it, teach it and live it. It’s what Paul commanded Timothy to do – entrust the word to faithful men and women who will be able to faithfully teach it to others. We believe our world desperately needs such people. And that might mean you need to call someone else into ministry with you, or it might mean you need to consider someone’s call.

If you are a Christian living is Jesus’ grace and under his lordship, we’d like you to consider whether you’re someone who should give yourself to the full-time gospel work. If you’re keen we think the best way into that is through a two-year gospel apprenticeship under the direction of a mature Christian to help shape your character, convictions and skills.

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