Apprentice BriEf @ MTS Recruit

Dear Apprentice,

We are so thankful to God for you! You are a model to others of what it looks like to take the next step in being trained as a Gospel Worker. 

Your presence at your MTS Recruit LCG is so valuable. 1 in 6 people who take up an apprenticeship say that the person who had the biggest influence on their decision was YOU… an apprentice just a bit further down the track to them.

This brief will help you make the most of MTS Recruit at your LCG and spur you on in asking God to work in his people for the glory of Jesus. We are praying this with you and also praying that you will see an answer to this prayer.


About MTS Recruit:

MTS Recruit is a conference aiming to raise up the next generation of Gospel Workers in Australia and across the globe.

We do this by seeking to inspire Delegates* to take their next step in serving Jesus with their whole lives and to consider undertaking a ministry apprenticeship for training.

*A Delegate is an attendee who is considering full-time ministry

We are wholly driven by God’s Word, committed to praying for more workers for God’s harvest field (Matthew 9:35-38) and equipping them to become disciple-makers (2 Timothy 2:2). 


MTS Apprentice Priorities:

In partnership with your Trainer(s) you are gaining competency in organising and leading events. These are some priorities (in this order) for you to contribute to your MTS Recruit LCG.


Serve in a host-leadership role at an MTS-Recruit LCG

Discuss with your Trainer(s) and/or LCG Coordinator (if it’s not you!) how you can provide leadership in these ways:

Coordinate, oversee and encourage volunteers serving at the LCG (E.g. logistics, venue details, meals, AV, setup/packup).

Support your Trainer(s) and other pastors with their responsibilities.

Look out for and connect with guest-delegates at Public LCGs who might be attending on their own from another church.

Participate in platform elements of the LCG (E.g. MC, interviews, prayer leadership, music).


Observe your Trainer to gain experience in recruiting

We recommend these elements of MTS Recruit be run by Gospel Workers (MTS Trainers, Pastors and Bible College Students). You can be alongside them in these ways:

Assistant Leader of a Peer Group

Participant in a Peer Group led by your Trainer

Informal (but intentional) conversations with delegates at your LCG about their next steps in serving Jesus and sharing your story

Observe a formal mentoring conversation your Trainer is conducting with a delegate. You must have the permission of your Trainer and the delegate.


Reserve a moment to train yourself

You won’t be conducting MTS Recruit mentoring conversations while you are an Apprentice, but it’s a ministry skill you can be learning now to set you up for future years. These training resources can be used by you (and other Apprentices) if you find a spare moment in your LCG program. Otherwise you can catch up on them another time:

Watch the training video: How to have a good mentoring conversation at MTS Recruit [LINK]

Read the attached training worksheet

Practice a mentoring conversation with another Apprentice at your LCG

Apprentice Training Workshop: 


A key part of helping people take their next step in serving Jesus is an intentional conversation. These conversations happen year-round (or should be). And there is a timetabled moment for this mentoring conversation to happen at MTS Recruit. These mentoring conversations are conducted by gospel workers (pastors) and college students.

You will be responsible for these conversations down the track. It is a huge joy and privilege to see how God works through them. Let’s get you some training for future years.

If there are other Apprentices at your MTS Recruit LCG make time to complete this training together.


What conversations were (un)helpful for you in considering an MTS Apprenticeship? Did you have a mentoring conversation at previous MTS conferences before starting your apprenticeship?


What do you think is the goal of an MTS Recruit mentoring conversation?


How to have a good mentoring conversation at MTS Recruit.


Record questions you could ask that align with the G.R.O.W. model.

 – Goal

 – Realities

 – Opportunities & Obstacles

 – What next?


Pair up with another Apprentice and have a mentoring conversation (30min each) that helps each of you articulate a clear ‘What next?’ step in serving Jesus.



Pray for the mentoring conversations happening at your MTS Recruit LCG and for God to equip and use you for these conversations in the future.

Apprentice Training #1

APPRENTICE Training #2